About Our Studio

Paint ‘n Hang is an art studio located in the heart of south Miami. At our studio we specialize in different kind of arts such as painting, terrarium making, sculpting and pretty much any crafts you can think of. We love what we do and we like having fun while at it, so getting creative with our events and putting together different and unusual classes is what we do best. We want our guests to get out of the norm and enjoy different types of arts. 

Our studio located in the Bird Road Art District, is very quaint and homey suited for participants of every age. We designed it using recycled materials and we upclycled them to create the right environment and vide that would contribute to the whole experience. Our vision was to create a place where our guests could feel more at home; a place where they would be comfortable unleashing their creative-self onto a canvas or making any other type of art. 

Our team is enthusiastic, friendly, artsy and whose sole purpose is to inspire you to create. Our goal is to offer a different kind of paint and sip experience; where you not only take a painting, but also memory.