BYOB Sculpting Events

Our "BYOB Sculpting Events" are one of our most fun classes. This public BYOB event mixes painting with crafting, creating a 3d object that you can even take home the same night! During these events we teach guests the process of sculpting step by step, then after the sculpture is complete we bake it for 15 minutes or so, and after our pieces are baked, cooled off and hardened we paint them with acrylic paints. The class lasts two or more hours depending on the difficulty of the pieces and all materials such as the clay, paint and baking are included. Adults are welcome to bring food and/or drinks, we have tables and a fridge for you to store your refreshments to keep them cold. You can find our upcoming events in our calendar online and check which class you and your friends are interested and reserve your seats as soon as you can! Our space fills up fast! We host public sculpting events every Thursday from 7:00pm until 9:00pm; kids are welcomed!

  • Class Duration: 
    -2 or more hours depending on the project.
  • Materials Included:
    - Polymer Clay.
    - Acrylic paint.
    - Brushes.
  • Price:
    - $40 per/person.


Sculpting Events