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What does BYOB mean?
BYOB means “Bring Your Own Beverage” we don’t provide nor sell any kind of alcoholic beverage.

Do you provide cups, plates and utensils?
We have cups for our guests to use but we don’t provide plates and utensils. 

Do we need to bring anything to the class?
No, all materials are included, including aprons, canvas and paint; all you need to bring is a positive attitude and some drinks.

Does the paint come off your clothes?
We use acrylic paints and they are water based but it is really hard to remove from cloth, we recommend you come comfortable and ready to get messy.

If I have a private party can I choose the artwork?
Yes, you may.

I bought a Groupon and I can’t redeem the voucher, what do I do?
Webmail does not support Groupon vouchers. Email us your voucher number and when you would want to join one of our classes and we will schedule you.

Some classes say “Groupons aren’t allowed” but I already bought one, is there anything I can do?
Yes! the vouchers have a promotional value that can go towards our class price. Ex: if the class is $35 per person and you have a voucher for two for the promotional value of $49, you would have to pay the difference which is $21 for two people.

Why do you have some classes that don’t accept Groupons? 
Some of our classes are ‘special classes’ which mean they might include glow in the dark paint or lights or both, because of that we can’t accept discounts.

Do you have big group discounts?
We can give you a discount depending on how many guests you bring. Contact us for more details.

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