Our Events

Painting Sessions

During our two-hour painting events and with the guidance of an instructor, participants create a beautiful art piece using acrylic paints onto a canvas while learning new tips and tricks!

Resin Workshops

Get ready to get sticky and glossy with our NEW Resin Workshops. Sign up for these events and create a stunning one-of-a-kind piece. Lear fun techniques and use different materials including real crystals, glitter and more.

Hike 'n Paint

Wouldn't you want to enjoy the beauty of nature and then paint it on a canvas outdoors?! Well we got you! We offer hike 'n paint events for 2-4 participants! We bring everything outside, hike to a preferred spot, set up and paint enjoying some drinks and fun with others.

Sculpting Sessions

During these events we create figurines using Sculpey clay and acrylic paints. Best thing is that you don't have to wait! Make-it, Bake-it and Take-it. One of our favorite events a definitely MUST-TAKE to class.

Yoga 'n Paint

Awaken the artist within! Join us on one hour of yoga flow to open up your chakras to then get creative for two hours and paint.

Private Events

You have a special event coming up? Let us host it and create an unforgettable memory! Kids, adult, baby and bridal showers, bachelorettes or divorce celebrations! You name it we can host it!